Joint Chairs' Group

The JCG brings together the UDG with three other key ITS community organisations, namely the Travel Information Highway (TIH), the Real Time Information Group (RTIG) and Intelligent Transport Systems United Kingdom (ITS(UK)). Meeting at chairís level, the JCG aims to ensure that the strategic direction of the four groups is aligned.

The JCG meets approximately quarterly. It is a consultative rather than an executive forum: it is up to individual chairs and the groups they lead to take any action as a result of JCG discussions.

The composition of the JCG is as follows:

Members Neil Scales RTIG-INFORM ITSO
Simon Beasley UDG
Steve George TIH
Attendance Louise Barnett DfT
Robert Castleman Highways Agency
Phil Pettitt innovITS
Eric Sampson ITS(UK)
Secretary Mark Cartwright Centaur Consulting Ltd.

Enquiries about JCG activities can be obtained by contacting Mark Cartwright at: