Joint Technical Group

The JTG was established under the authority of the JCG to coordinate and harmonise the technical developments of the UDG, TIH and RTIG. It has two principal functions: to ensure the coherence of the overall technical framework created by the three groups, and to conduct specific tasks on areas of common interest.

In the former role the JTG forms a significant contributor to the UK national ITS architecture. Specific tasks currently underway, through project teams steered by the JTG, include work to harmonise communications, location referencing and journey time specifications.

The composition of the JTG is as follows:

Members M Siczkowski RTIG Metro (West Yorkshire PTE)
T Hilgenberg TIH Serco
S Beasley UDG Reading Borough Council
Secretary/convener M Cartwright - Centaur Consulting Ltd.

Enquiries about JTG activities can be obtained by contacting Mark Cartwright at:

Joint Technical Group: Minutes of Meetings

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