Technical Specifications

The Objects Registry

UTMC-TS004.006:2010 - UTMC Objects Registry extends and supersedes UTMC-TS004.005:2009. It presents the data standards recommended for use by UK Traffic Managers in their systems. Details are provided in normative annexes.

This document should be used in conjunction with the other main repository of UTMC technical recommendations, namely the UTMC-TS003 03:2009.

The UTMC Objects Registry is available to all those with an interest in specifying, developing or integrating UTMC component systems.

The UTMC Objects Registry consists of the following files which are available for downloading:

UTMC UML model in XMI format

The file below has been prepared by Mott Macdonald using MagicDraw UML(TM). It represents the UTMC UML data model (Annex D to TS004) in XMI format. It is available for free download and use. While the file was kindly supplied by them, they are not responsible for any problems arising from its download and use.

Please note that this file is provided "as is" and any use made of it is at the user's risk. While every effort has been made to ensure quality, we cannot guarantee that it is (i) consistent with the UTMC Technical Specification, (ii) readable by all modelling tools, or (iii) free of viruses and other malware. Further, we do not provide technical support.

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UTMC XML schema

The UTMC Technical Specification contains an XML representation in Annex G of TS004. This is usable in compiled code.

The schema is installed in the subdirectory which may be used for automated validation etc.

Kizoom maintain an informal development area for UTMC XML at While this is not formally part of the UTMC management process, we encourage those interested in the evolution of UTMC XML to make use of the discussion opportunities available through that site.