UTMC Development Group (UDG)

Management Group

The composition of the UDG Management Group is as follows:

Person Representing
Chair Simon Beasley Reading Borough Council
Members Sunil Budhdeo
Nottingham City Council
 David Stoner  Envita
Mark Cartwright Centaur and UDG Secretariat
Andrew Wilson Highways Agency
Spencer Palmer Department for Transport
 Adrian Gray  Hampshire CC and CSS
Steve Harrhy Cardiff and Welsh Assembly
Sue Westwood Kent County Council
Jennie Martin ITS UK
Brian Maxwell Roads Service, Northern Ireland
Glynn Hutton VMS Ltd
Hamilton Purdie Glasgow City Council and Scottish Executive
 John Redmond  Warrington BC
Paul Canning Atkins
Ben Thancanamootoo EJG Consulting and UDG Secretariat

The UDG can be contacted via: Simon.Beasley@reading.gov.uk

There are currently 2 Working Groups as shown below:

Standards and Specifications Group

Marketing & Member Services Group

UDG Secretariat

The UDG Secretariat can be contacted via: secretariat@utmc.uk.com.