UTMC Development Group (UDG)

UDG Management Group Constitution

1: Introduction

1.1 About this document

1.1.1 This document was prepared by the UTMC Development Group (UDG) during the autumn of 2006.

1.1.2 This issue is a draft version. It has been approved by the Management Group and will be put to the membership at the AGM planned for February 2007.

1.2 Validity and changes

1.2.1 This document is not yet valid.

1.2.2 Should changes be required to this Constitution, the Management Group shall be responsible for ensuring that they are undertaken and validating the revision.

1.2.3 Material changes to this Constitution must be validated by members at the next appropriate General Meeting.

2: UDG MG Constitution


1. The Management Group will have delegated responsibility to manage the affairs of the UDG on behalf of UDG members.


2. The Management Group shall contain no fewer than five and no more than fifteen members.

3. The Management Group shall be composed of the following:

   a) Up to seven elected members who are employees of UK local highways authorities.
   b) Up to three representatives who are employees of organisations that supply goods and/or services to UK local highways authorities.
   c) Representatives ex officio from other groups as determined from time to time.

4. Subject to the limit at clause 2, the Management Group may at any time co-opt further Management Group members at its absolute discretion.

5. The LHA members of the Management Group at clause 3a) shall be elected at Annual General Meeting in accordance with the previous Rules for Election.

6. The supplier members of the Management Group at clause 3b)shall be appointed for a single meeting. Each meeting shall begin with a formal acceptance of the supplier members onto the Management Group for that meeting, by a vote among others present.

7. Apart from the discretion in clause 6, and the particular duties of the Chair, all Management Group members have identical rights and responsibilities.

Tenure and operation

8. The Management Group shall elect a Chair from its number at its first formal meeting after appointment. The Chair shall be a local authority employee. The Chair shall have a casting vote.

9. The Chair will be responsible for ensuring the business of the Management Group is duly conducted. The Chair may, where necessary, act with the Authority of the Management Group; where such action is taken it shall be ratified by the Management Group as soon as practical.

10. In any Management Group business, any member who may have material interest may be asked to withdraw temporarily from the meeting. The Chair's decision on withdrawals shall be final.

11. For all Management Group meetings, a quorum shall be one half of the members currently in office.

12. The actions and decisions of the Management Group shall be formally recorded.

13. In order to ensure that its actions are informed by input from the private sector and from central and regional Governments, the Management Group shall invite the attendance from suitable persons to the relevant part of its meetings.

14. Management Group members shall take office immediately upon appointment and shall hold office until twelve months after the date of the last election of elected members.

15. The Management Group shall have the power to extend its period of office by up to three months if necessary for the purposes of convening an election at a convenient time.